With the DOS17 series I want to share my most personal photography.

I would like to transmit the energy that flows through me when I take a photograph.

Before I shoot, I am enveloped by a mysterious calm that draws me into the scene, silently, without my presence being noticed.

The real action is within the characters and situations I photograph, and they become special when I bring out the feelings.

The urban scenes and the people or part of them are the basis of this project that arises from my travels, in which I have captured details that have impacted me according to the flow of life.

There is no retouching, no preparation, it is the truth of a real moment that has marked me for different reasons and that I want to share with the illusion that they have a space beyond my world.

It is with this illusion that limited editions of some of these images, which are much more than that, go on sale. A look, an experience, a photograph, perhaps even your inspiration.

Experiences and passion for photography

Marcelo del Pozo

Much more than just liking photography, I love photographing especially
in those moments when I feel dominated by inspiration.